All I wanted to do as a little girl was draw horses.....

That said, I actually like working in lots of different mediums. Originally, like most, I just drew horses with my pencil on the edge of my math test (teacher didn't like that too much), but I've tried pastels and some arcylics, some ceramics. Some day I'd like to try oils. Of course, that same joy of drawing and painting rolls over into the hand painted t-shirts I'm trying.

  • Portraits

    This is Niko, a Appendix Thoroughbred at the H2 Stables in Black Forest, Colorado. You can't be at the barn all day and night (although you can try), but you can have a beautiful portait of your horse on your wall to remember him or her by when you can't be there in person.

    This is what I do best. Thank you for browsing my
    Horse Portraits.

  • Custom ArtWear

    Show the world how much you love your horse! This is Caitlin and her best friend Copper. Copper is a TWH and I painted a double portrait of Copper on Caitlins shirt. All your friends will be jealous!

    Browse some of the shirts and other texiles I've painted.

  • Kids Corner

    Coloring Books for the kids. Horses, horses, horses, and more horses! And some ponies and donkeys as well!

    Choose from indiviual images to full book collections in small or large Coloring Books and Posters. Adults as well as kids will enjoy hours of coloring.

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Niko, a Thoroughbred

Copper & Caitlin

Mustang Coloring Poster
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