Shirts currently for Sale

I have a small selection of hand painted shirts for sale. Each one is a 100% cotton pre-washed, and hand painted and heat-set, so it is ready for many, many wearings and washings.

Run your mouse over each episode to see a larger full version.

  • The White Stallion

    The White Stallion

    Beautiful white stallion on royal blue.
    This boy could be doing dressage!
    Men's size large.

  • Diva Pony!

    Diva Pony!

    Aren't ALL little ponies divas?
    Childrens size medium.

  • Indian Pony

    Indian Pony

    This Indian Pony is wild and painted! Perfect for the wild child!
    Childrens size medium.

  • Barrel Racer

    Barrel Racer

    Turn and Burn!
    Size medium.

  • Cutting Horse

    Cutting Horse

    Just grab the horn and hold on for the ride.
    Men's size extra large.

  • Mustang


    Beautiful buckskin mustang.

  • Racking Horse

    Racking Horse

    Sit back and rack!

  • Border Collie

    Border Collie

    I love dogs too, and my best friend growing up was a border collie.

  • A Pair of Dapple Greys Running

    Running Pair of Dapple Greys

    Doesn't everyone love to watch horses run?

Custom shirts I've done

Here is a gallery of shirts I've done for people

Run your mouse over the image for a larger view

Copper, a TWH

I painted this double portrait of Copper, a TWH owned by Caitlin Skibbe. Caitlin and Copper have been having a love affair for about 5 years, enjoying rides with friends and strutting their stuff in the amatuer show ring!

Lynda with Marker and Starman

This shirt I painted for my sister for a Christmas gift. Here she is wearing it with her two boys, Marker, a retired TWH show horse and Starman, a paint.

Tobi, a Welsh Pony

This portrait I did of Tobi, our Welsh Pony, for my husband Larry to wear.

A Pair of Dapple Greys Running

One of my original shirts, this pair of dapple greys running is probably going to be a favorite design of mine.

Palamino Spirit

The very first shirt I painted for myself. I'm a blonde, the horse is a just fit me!

Angry Black Stallion

I'm not sure where I got the inspiration for this shirt, but it is a real eye catcher. I donated it to The Cloud Foundation to sell in one of their fund raiser auctions.

Horse Eye

Another one of my earlier works, the soul of the horse is what I wanted to capture.

John's 1956 Schwinn Bicycle

My brother-in-law isn't a horse person, but he does love to ride! His passion is cycling, so I painted him a shirt with his 1956 Classic Schwinn bike. All in lime green of course, it's a John Polk color!

Other shirts available for sale

I've got some other shirts that are iron-on transfers or silk screen for sale.
See them here.